BA (Hons) In Drama and Theatre,

30 years film and stage experience

17 years teaching

Here to help you

I have studied all kinds of systems and techniques, during my time as a performer, director and teacher, to produce a clear and understandable voice in almost any size venue. During my time teaching in schools, I was asked by the Geography teacher for help with her classroom management. I organised a workshop for her and several other colleagues who then admitted they felt their voices were not up to the task of being heard in a classroom of unruly teens. 

This first workshop for non-students of theatre made me realise that there are people in pretty much every area of life that need to be heard, but just don't have the resources or guidance to utilise their voices to the best potential.

I have developed a series of exercises and techniques that will enable you to be heard without having to shout, nor rely on microphones that may not work properly: a well rehearsed speech ruined by a distorting microphone or inadequate vocal projection is a tragedy.

Email me if you have any queries or concerns. And remember - there is no need to feel embarrassed in these workshops, as everybody else is in the same position as you :-)