Vocal Projection:

What is it?

Vocal projection is, basically, the ability to be heard without shouting.

What this entails, in our workshops, is learning to control your breathing, focussing your voice and enunciating what you say. We have various strategies and techniques to help you be heard in whatever venue (within reason!) you have to speak in, that will also bolster your confidence and enable you to get across your message.

Meetings, Conferences and Speeches:

Whether you are giving a sales pitch to a single person sitting across a table from you,

presenting marketing figues to a room of directors,

hosting a conference for an auditorium of delegates,

performing Hamlet in a large theatre

or giving the Best Man/Groom/Father-of-the-Bride speech at a reception

you need to be heard 

Our workshops can help you with sharing your information in a clear and confident manner.

Feel free to ask about staff training sessions

Acting and Public Performances

As well as giving you the skills to be heard, without a microphone (which, let's face it, ruins any performance unless you are looking for a Brechtian alienation format) we also have workshops geared to lending emphasis and impact to scripts.

See our website about Acting, Shakespeare, Stanislavski and rehearsals. 


Getting rid of the microphone not only enables escapism and belief in your perfomance by the audience, it also keeps your bills down ;)

Private workshops:

If you need to prepare for an 

interview or audition 

And wish a private one-on-one workshop session, please click on the "contact" tab and send me an email with your requirements and we can arrange a class just for you (fees to be agreed)

If you have a group of people - a department, a wedding party, corporate team-building group, group of friends - then do contact us about our group rates. We can also arrange to come and do workshops at YOUR venue. Again, just use the contact tab and send an email with your details and any requirements.