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Learn to use your voice to best effect
Jan. 11th

Vocal Projection Workshop;

Location: Grimsby Community Hall, Banbury..

Start time: 10am -

Finish: 1pm

Cost: £30

Includes 10 min Coffee break


Jan 18th

Private Booking: Wedding Speeches.


Jan 22nd

Presenting for Business

Corporate booking

Jan 25th

Presenting Shakespeare's speeches - using the rhythm and metre to define your character

Speak clearly; be understood

Whether you are presenting to your colleagues, giving a speech at a wedding, or addressing a roomful of noisy students, we can help you achieve the best with your voice with our workshops:

If you are presenting a sales report, giving staff training or having to do any form of speech before a group of people, our workshops can help you; We can give you the tools to communicate confidently and clearly.   Check out our top 5 tips for giving great presentations too!

Wedding speeches can be some of the most daunting talks you ever have to give! Through our "workshops" we can provide you with some of the best techniques and strategies to make your time in front of that reception party go more smoothly and effectively. Be sure to check out the top 5 tips too! 

You can join a scheduled workshop, arrange individual 1-to-1 sessions, arrange a private group session or, if convenient, we can come to you and do a group session at your venue Use the  "contact"  button for further details.

Whether you are speaking before one or hundreds of people, making a pitch to your boss or client, speaking at a confrence or making a speech at a wedding, there is one thing you to do: